Sustainable Polyester – An Oxymoron

Considering the spate of interest in recycled Polyester and the like, most of the Textile Majors have proceeded to establish supply chains incorporating Polyester Recycling and thereby promote Sustainable Polyester.

Consider the initiatives of Reliance and the Aditya Birla Group in India along with multiple SME’s like Usha Yarns etc and there is now a thriving ecosystem in recycled polyester yarns.

The process of recycling makes economic sense and also brings the attendant Circular Economy benefits. However, polyester being a petroleum based product does have the inherent drawbacks.



A quick Twitter Poll suggests that most people consider Sustainable Polyester to be an Oxymoron.  Hence Brands would be well served to communicate clearly the benefits of Recycled Polyester whilst acknowledging the need to reduce our dependency in the long run.


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