Ethical Organic Sustainable Non GMO Heritage Cotton

Why Cotton ?

Because, in its pure form, cotton is natural, breathable, soft, and can be designed into beautiful garments.
But surely not Conventional, GMO cotton : Please don’t get me started !
Here is an awesome resource regarding Organic Cotton from Textile Exchange – to answer all your questions about Organic Cotton. Go ahead and download this free ebook.
For the Indian story, a great torchbearer is Chetna Organic.
As per their facebook post
“Cotton Procurement for the season 2017 -2018 is almost complete. We are proud to announce that at more than 45,000 quintals and counting (4500 ~ MT), procurement volumes this year have been highest ever in the history of Chetna’s 14- year existence.”

As Gandhiji said – Be the change you want to see in the World
Follow on to know more about What is Ethical Fashion and Sourcing from India

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